Kickoff for Mac and iPhone

Chat and share tasks with your team in realtime.
Communication isn't that hard.

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Group Chat. Discuss and share files with your coworkers.

Kickoff’s group chat — the Meeting Room as we call it — has been specifically designed for team conversations. With history access, offline support and seamless sync with the iPhone, you’re sure to always stay on track with your team’s activity.

  • Chat with your whole team or privately with any coworker.
  • Get someone's attention by mentioning him. Just type @ followed by your coworker's name.
  • Drag and drop any type of file in the chat. Preview them with QuickLook.
  • Twitter, YouTube, Dribbble, Vimeo, CloudApp and more, right in the chat.

Shared Tasks. Organize your team's tasks, in real-time.

Kickoff makes it quick and easy to centralize, discuss and prioritize everyone's tasks. And with its extensive keyboard support, offline mode and blazing fast performance, Kickoff gets out of your way and boosts your team's productivity.

  • Get a quick access to the task lists you often use by dragging them to your favorites bar.
  • Comment, attach files and mention coworkers in any task. It works just like the Meeting Room, but for your tasks.
  • Search and filter tasks in any list to easily find everything related to you or any coworker.

Made for . Kickoff loves OS X and iOS as much as you do.

Kickoff takes advantage of the great platforms it's built on and lets you benefit from all the native features you're used to enjoying in your daily workflow. But Kickoff takes things further and provides you with an intuitive and delightful experience. Kickoff really feels at home on both the Mac and the iPhone.